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If you meet any one of the criteria below you may qualify for 7 sponsored physiotherapy visits through the  AHS COMMUNITY PHYSIOTHERAPY PROGRAM.  For more information please click here or Inform Alberta.ca

This program is provided at our facility at Riley Park

  •  Specific orthopaedic surgery* in the past 12 weeks

  • A broken bone (*fracture) that has been assessed and treated with your family physicians or at one of the local hospitals

  • Low income* and in need of physiotherapy for a recent injury

  • *we will assist in determining eligibility for the above criteria

Call | 403-241-3529 for more information

Click Here for Approved Community Physiotherapy Contracted Clinics

or visit Inform Alberta.ca


we offer a variety of treatment and education to help decrease pain, increase strength and flexibility, and manage daily activities.  Our service is contracted to Alberta Health Services.

*To be eligible for Assessment and Treatments, you must:

  • have a current Alberta Health Care card
  • have a recent fracture/broken bone, surgery, or a certain procedure needing physiotherapy follow-up
  • present to the clinic within 12 weeks of your injury

*To be eligible for one assessment and up to 4 treatments, you must:

  • qualify as low-income
  • have a recent, acute soft tissue or muscle/bone injury which affects your daily life and ability to do things and which requires physiotherapy to improve.

*The above eligibility criteria may vary from time to time without prior notice.

You are not eligible for ACPT funding if you:

  • are eligible for coverage by another health payer (e.g., WCB)
  • are getting or are eligible for physiotherapy through Home Care, Primary Care Network (for same diagnosis), facility or supportive living, or other AHS-funded programs
  • need certain specialized physiotherapy treatments (e.g., vestibular treatment)
  • need treatment beyond the ACPT funded visits

It’s a good idea to know how the cost of your treatments will be covered before you make an appointment. Things to think about:

  • interim federal health benefits certificate is accepted instead of a current Alberta Health Care number if it isn’t yet active
  • some people may be considered for 12 week access
  • your physiotherapist may request other appointments if you are low-income (there are income assessment forms at the clinics)
  • if you don’t have coverage through ACPT, you might have coverage through your benefits or insurance plan
  • if you were hurt at work, your treatments may be covered by WCB
  • if you were hurt in a motor vehicle collision, your insurance may cover your treatments
  • you can pay for treatments yourself

Click Here for Approved Community Physiotherapy Contracted Clinics or visit Inform Alberta.ca