Dr. Caeley Lorincz is Now Accepting Dr. Christie’s Patients to Her,

Nurse Practitioner-Led, Family Practice


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June 15, 2021

Dear Patients,

This letter is to inform all patients that I am leaving my family medicine practice at Caleo Health effective September 10, 2021.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to serve many of you for almost thirteen years now and this has been one of the most difficult decisions of my life.

I will continue to be available as usual, for all appointment types and would love to see you throughout the summer.

Caleo Health is pleased to continue offering medical services to you and your loved ones.  You will have the option to slowly transition over this time to Dr. Caeley Lorincz’s team of Nurse Practitioners.

  • To arrange a meet and greet appointment with the Nurse Practitioners, you can contact the office at 403.374.0781

Caleo Health will also continue aggressively searching for a physician to take over my practice and provide you with another option to continue your care.

I understand that this may not be ideal for some patients and there are additional options for obtaining a physician that can be found at:

If you choose to stay at Caleo Health, your chart will automatically be available to all practitioners within the clinic.  If this is not satisfactory, you can also have an alternative care provider contact the clinic to arrange your chart transfer.

It has been a great privilege to look after you and wish you all the best in life and in health.


Michael Christie, MD CCFP
Caleo Health