Frequently Asked Questions from Patients & Visitors


Caleo Health continues to follow the Alber6ta Health Services (AHS) Guidelines for Masking. The expiration of the City of Calgary mandate does not apply to healthcare facilities. AHS recommends continuing with universal precautions.  Masking is recommended but not mandatory at Caleo Health. The policy will be updated as the AHS guidelines are updated.


  • Face-covering over the mouth and nose is recommended but not mandatory when in common areas of the clinic, exam room, treatment area, or procedure area.
  • Fully vaccinated patients may gather in a group to eat or for treatment without masking or social distancing (Psych, Therapy, Rehab)
  • Patients may remove their masks in the treatment room, exam room, or procedure room, at the direction of the staff or physician.
  • Expected to socially distance from others when possible.


  • Face-covering over the mouth and nose is recommended but not mandatory when inside the facility,
  • May remove mask inpatient room when staff are not present. If staff present must wear masks.
  • Expected to socially distance from others – limit of 1 visitor per room to allow distancing when staff must be present.

Physicians & Staff:

  • Face-covering over the mouth and nose is recommended but not mandatory when inside the facility.
  • Must wear a disposable mask or N95  over the nose and mouth in public areas if there has been any contact with a High-Risk patient (including nurses’ stations, waiting/holding areas, cafeteria, halls, etc.)
  • Wear N95, and face shield (eyewear) for COVID patients, COVID PUI, High-Risk Procedures, and collection of COVID samples/testing.
  • Full vaccination and boosters are recommended for all staff.

In addition to our masking and visitation policies, Caleo Health continues to encourage social distancing and hand hygiene in all areas. We appreciate your support as we work together to make our environment safe.

Convenient on-site parking is available at Caleo Health in several locations. You can park in the main lot in front of the medical center’s professional building for 3.75/hour or on 8th avenue just south of the building. More Parking Information 

Yes, if you have a valid Personal Health Number (PNH), your Provincial Health Insurance will cover the following services:

Exceptions may apply

There is an out of pocket fee to the patient for the following services:

Ask your extended health benefits provider about coverage for uninsured services.  Our rehabilitation department does provide direct billing for most extended health benefits plans.

For access to your medical record, please fill out an Authorization For Use or Disclosure of Patient Information and submit it to the Medical Records Department. Click here for more information.  You can email [email protected] or call at 403.452.0999 ext. 113 to request the Medical Records Department.  Fees may apply.

Sorry, currently none of the family doctors at Caleo Health are accepting new patients?

We do have Nure practitioners accepting new patients, please call 403.374.0781 to book a meet and greet.

Learn more about Nurse Practitioners

All rheumatology referrals should be directed to the AHS – Rheumatology Central Access & Triage Clinic

Fax: 403.955.8199   Phone: 403.955.8734

Referrals from there will be directed to the most appropriate rheumatologist.

You will NOT see a Spine Surgeon on the day of your initial spine assessment.   The spine triage team will determine the most appropriate care pathway, based on the outcome of your assessment. The spine triage team will refer your case to a spine surgeon if deemed necessary. Read More

Yes, If you are deemed to require elective or urgent surgery and have a valid Personal Health Number (PNH), the surgery will be covered by your Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP).


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