Family Physicians

Dr. Christopher Morse

Dr. Caeley Lorincz

P|403.452.5608  F|403.984.5445

Dr. Elias Soumbasis

P| 403.984.5454  F|403.984.5445

Dr. Wilhelm “Pat” Meerholz

Dr. Denise Eckenswiller

Nurse Practitioners

P|403.374.0781  F|403.984.1909

Liuba Volcov Aikoroje

Karli Fagerheim

Chris Wong


Jeff Gehl

Sarah Jury

January Muhlbeier

Safa Rahman

Erin Kerby

Brian Yu


Dr. Joanne Daskosk Storring

Dr. Jordan Sandham


Kirsten McLennan

Nathan Wallace

Spine Triage Physicians

Dr. Elias Soumbasis

Dr. Wilhelm “Pat” Meerholz

Dr. Denise Eckenswiller (Bowman)

Dr. David Fleck

Dr. Philippe Magown

Spine Surgeons

Dr. Peter Lewkonia

Dr. Alex Soroceanu (Dr. Mina Aziz)

Dr. Ken Thomas

Dr. Ganesh Swamy

Dr. Jacques Bouchard

Dr. Richard Hu

Dr. Stephan DuPlessis

Dr. Cory Cundal

Dr. Roger Cho

Dr. Fred Nicholls

Dr. Philippe Magown

Dr. Nathan Evaniew

Trauma Surgeon

Dr. Paul Duffy

Image-guided Pain Therapy

Cale0 Health & Canada Diagnostics Centres (CDC)

Dr. Rob Davies

Disability Management

email: [email protected]

Medical Legals

Independent Medical Examinations (IME)

Visiting Specialist Clinic (*VSC)

P|403.452.0999 ext 228  F|403.452.0995

Rosario Medina, Clinic Administrator

Pain Management Physicians

Dr. Francine Van Rooyen

Dr. Frederick Van Rooyen

Dr. Marc Klasa

Headache Specialists

Dr. Deon Louw

Thomas Chin, RN

Isabelle Tania, RN


Dr. Sharon Le Clercq

Dr. Britney Jones

P|403.930.310  F|403.984.5445

Dr. Liam Martin

Management Team

Wendy Burns, Clinic Manager

Rosario Medina, Clinic Administrator

Dr. Mark Lewis, Clinic Director

Medical Records Team

SecureMail: [email protected]

Lois, Records Coordinator

Wendy Burns, Clinic Manager

Rosario Medina, Clinic Administrator


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